A message from Founder & CEO:

Our mission at LAUNCH is to support founders and inspire innovation.

We do this by investing in 50 to 100 startups a year, and by producing content that teaches everyone how to do it.

We are a small team of hard-working, self-directed individuals who believe that anyone can change the world with an amazing idea, a driven team, and relentless focus.

As the founder of LAUNCH, I enjoy finding and developing raw talent, which can come from anywhere, and rewarding the hard-working, rugged, self-reliant, indefatigable individuals we mentor with unlimited career advancement.

We are a small team of 20 and will be adding a handful of executives this year. We all take the work seriously, support each other, and run a flat and transparent organization. You will not only be heard at this company, but you will also be asked your opinion... often.

Being involved in seed investing in startups is the most thrilling job in the world, and it also happens to be the clearest path to creating generational wealth (read or listen to my book).

If you're reading this and thinking "I would love to fast-track my career path by working absurdly hard for four years for this maniac" then apply for one of these jobs. We have had individuals start in entry-level positions and in 18 months become associates at our firm (which is one of the top three seed funds and accelerators in the world).

We operate in an elite, highly-competitive, and dynamic space where the stakes are very high. This is the type of job where you have to put in long hours and take on a lot of responsibility. There's a pay off, but that comes years after you "do the work."

all the best, Jason Calacanis

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